Cyflog Sylfaenol Cyffredinol / Universal Basic Income

WHEN: 06/10/2020 @ 19:30

WHERE: Online

ORGANISER: Dani Thomas Contact


Arian am ddim! Ymunwch a ni i drafod i drafod posibiliadau Cyflog Sylfaenol Cyffredinol yng Nghymru. Siaradwyr gwadd Jonathan Williams o’r Lab UBI yng Nghymru. Cysylltwch trwy ebost i gael y cyswllt Zoom.

Money for nothing! Join us to discuss the feasibility of Universal Basic Income in Wales. Guest speaker Jonathan Williams from the UBI lab Wales. Contact us by email for the Zoom link.



One comment

  1. Ref Welsh taxes and finance post Brexit…
    I have been in contact with Rebecca EvansAM about the possibility that Wales will need it’s own local debt free currency as a small nation along with a development bank. If after Brexit Wales becomes solely reliant on the Barnet formula the Tories will squeeze Wales to get rid of Labour.
    We will need a Welsh green ethical development bank which will provide the reserve for the local currency……we might start by supporting the farming community by using a Welsh green pound and to get red of foodbanks and pay…..A universal living wage paid using the local debt free currency……
    Wales needs the courage to get economically more independent of England post Brexit.


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