Diem25 yng Nghymru
Cynhalwyd cyfarfod Diem25 ym Mar Curado ar yr ail o Awst, 2018 yng nghanol Caerdydd. Trafodwyd nifer o faterion yn ymwneud a brexit yng Nghymru, fel sut mae modd i bleidiau’r chwith cydweithio. Hefyd sut i greu democratiaeth mwy pwrpasol a pherthnasol a’r angen am gyflog sylfaenol.

Diem25 in Wales
A meeting of Diem25 in Wales was held at the Curado bar in Cardiff on the 2nd of August, 2018. Issues regarding brexit and Wales and the need for cooperation of the progressive parties. Also ideas to create a more suitable and relevant democracy and the need for a basic wage.

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